Resources Our Life Line

The current H.Q operations of tangent are being handled from a 4500 sqft premises at Bangalore. The interiors of the office are best suited to keep the flow of processes streamlined, to ensure economies of time and energy.
We have acquired 1000 sqft of office space keeping in view of our expansion which is two blocks away from our existing facility.

Human Resource

Tangent has the distinction of being one of the youngest agency in the industry. The average age of our current group strength stands at 23.60 Years

Telecom Resource

We have a sound telecom infrastructure comprising of dedicated landline connections 100% of our front-end and backend staff are equipped with mobile telephones.
Dedicated Fax facility, 24/7 Internet facility, Scanning facility.

Software Resource

We have developed dedicated software customized for all the operational portfolio being handled by us. This ensures regular MIS in line with the priorities of our principal. The software specialist who has developed these software’s is on a retainer with us and this gives us the freedom of upgrading and altering our programs as and when the need arises.

Hardware Resource

Our multiple computers are continuously upgraded to optimize the conveniences of technology, operating on a LAN environment. We also use our dedicated server on the net for transfer of critical data in real time.